I'm a big fan of basics. I like to just have something easy and comfortable that I can throw on and feel good in, and not have to put too much thought into. Because style should be easy. I'm a firm believer that it shouldn't take half an hour to get dressed in the morning! Who has time for that, really? Be confident in your style, and know what looks good on you, and most importantly, know what you feel good in. And then wear that. I know I'm not comfortable in skirts (as I'm very tall so I don't wear heels and skirts rarely look good without heels, unless it's super short, and I think I may be too old for that now!) So I rarely wear skirts. Unless I'm going to a wedding, or something equally fancy. If you are not comfortable in what you are wearing - it shows. And trust me, I know, because I have spent my fair share of time wearing clothes that I didn't feel good in. It took me seemingly forever to figure out what worked for me. And a lot of really heinous outfits, I'm sure. That is why basics are so important. You can wear them everyday, and feel good about yourself, and we all need to spend our days feeling good about ourselves. Non?

Be comfortable, be confident, be happy! Clothes should make you happy. That is all. 

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