When it comes to black, I feel there is never too much in my wardrobe. I'm like a black clothing junkie. I bought a bunch of colour a few years back when coloured pants were in, and I never ever wore them. They just sat there. Wasted money, again. So back to black we go. I'm always comfortable in black! Does anyone else feel the same way? It's just so easy. Throw on some different textures, interesting shapes, BAM! fabulous black outfit.

I just picked up this tee recently, and I am just loving it, because it is just such an interesting shape! But it's still a black tee. I'm wary of knits these days because baby food doesn't come off them too easily, so tees are pretty much what I wear all day, everyday. Unless I have to go out in the cold where there wont be baby food flying at me from all over the place. Then knits are acceptable. This tee almost feels like a dress though, no? It's like a dress over pants - but not. Which is perfect, because I never wear dresses in the winter.

Also, if you see white dots in these photos - that's snow. It was so cold, but I never dress for the weather. That's no fun! 

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