One of the best tricks for winter, not only for staying warm, but also for looking good, is to layer up. I'm pretty attached to my leather jackets, so I often throw a coat on top of them just to add a little warmth, and interest to my outfit. Especially because I wear a lot of basics - so I need to freshen it up a little bit! Who said you can't wear two jackets at once!? This is also convenient if you drive around a lot (as I do), because if I bundle up super warm, then I cook once the heat is on. So layers work pretty nicely for me. Also, I'm pretty much always wearing a variation of the same thing, so mixing it up makes it feel interesting, even if I'm really wearing the same thing as yesterday! If you've seen my other style posts, you will no doubt recognize some of these pieces...I just develop favourites, and then I wear them 1000 times - and then I buy a new favourite. Anyone else do this? Or is it just me?

I think it may be time for some new jeans though...


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