This combo has become a staple of mine lately. I just can't get enough of this sweater and this jacket. Luckily the weather has been unseasonably warm (yay!), so I haven't frozen my butt off. Sometimes I find that a neutral is just as good as black. You can just throw on some basics, and they all go together. Neutral + Neutral + Black = Amazing. Done. 

I have been working like a crazy woman lately to launch my new collection of prints and new products, plus working on a scarf collection for a client, and my regular freelance work....and taking care of Hunter (and my Husband because he is semi-helpless, and our 2 psycho dogs) I pretty much wore this everyday this week for whatever errands I had to run. Next week - different outfit! Ha. I can't seem to sleep before 2am though lately, so I'm a zombie almost every day. The life of a working Mama I guess. I think the slogan for Mamas everywhere should be 'Tired much?' 

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