make a statement.

It was SO freaking cold when we took these photos, so we didn't bother to find the perfect white background - which is way more difficult than you would imagine. We've actually been in trouble with security before while trying to shoot with white backgrounds. So sometimes I get lazy. Especially when it's cold! I may not look freezing in these photos - but trust me, I am. It is really quite challenging to not look cold when it's -16 and you are frozen, but you're trying to look cool. Also, I'm not cool. I don't even think the word cool is 'cool' anymore. Maybe they say 'dope' now. I have no idea. 

Anyways, winter style to me is all about coats, and statement accessories. I will just wear the same basic shit all the time, but throw on some fabulous accessory. Take this coat for example, I've had it in my closet for years, and when I really want to make a statement, I bring it out. It is quite a statement. Especially at the grocery store apparently. Not even joking...we totally went grocery shopping after shooting this and I think people were looking at me funny. And no, I'm not paranoid, I just may have been a tad overdressed. I can't stop it though, that's just who I am.

So feel free to wear your faux fur to the grocery store so that I am not the only one. 





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