mom jeans.

Back in the 90's, I think I loathed this style of jean more than anything. I remember my sister and I pledging never to wear tapered pants, or 'mom jeans'. But somehow they have come back into style and I don't hate it. It's weird how style works. I guess it is just how our perceptions change. When I first put these jeans on I hated them. I had to try them on a second time to realize they weren't so bad - they are actually kind of fun. Something a little different than the skinny jeans I have been rocking for years. Who cares if they are 90's...the 90's we fun! Dance mix '95 is still one of the favourites in my household. Seriously. I may have only be 7 years old then...but it brings back good memories!

So if you are not afraid of the 'mom jean'. Give these puppies a try. Details below. 

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