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So, this past week has pretty much been the week from hell. I somehow got food poisoning and was violently ill (Ew. and for like 5 days!!), and then my husband had surprise surgery on his toes, and then he got the flu, and then my son got the flu. All in the span of 7 days. Super super fun. Especially since this is the first time my son has been sick, so that's extra stressful. He will hardly let me put him down at all, and wants my boob like, all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. Any other mamas have this situation? I feel like maybe he'll never wean, and I'll have a 5 year old who wants my boob for lunch. 

Needless to say, I'm feeling a little run down, and so my outfits are taking a bit of a hit. I just don't have the energy to feel creative. Hence the parka. Comfy. I bought it when I was pregnant actually because it would fit around my gigantic belly. I still like how oversized it is though. Very good for grocery shopping. 

Also, with the arrival of some spring-ish weather, I am feeling a little like I need a change. I'm thinking about chopping my hair and going super blonde. Why not, right? I get bored with my natural colour, I want something fun! So I think I'm going to do that in the next few weeks if I can find the time and energy. Then I can feel fresh and not so much like a tired frumpy mama! 

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