spring transitions.

I'm pretty excited for spring fashion - unfortunately the weather does not seem to be cooperating right now. I'm ready for shorts but it's like -10. UM...it's spring? Really? Anyways, I busted out my first skirt of the season today, and I was freezing, yes, but I refuse to dress for winter any longer! 

The great thing about spring weather is that you can mix and match seasons. A little from column winter, a little from column summer. Know what I mean? That's why I've still got my winter sweater, but I'm mixing in a little of my spring faves. Unfortunately, it's still too cold for shorts though. *Sad face*

Speaking of faves - totally loving my new watch from Jord Watches! It's actually wood. So cool. AND, if you want one of your own, you can get a $20 e-gift card here. Only the first 100 of my peeps can get this discount, so hurry on over before they are gone. But no worries, if you're too late you can still get a coupon for Free Sizing on your watch. Awesome. right!?

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Wooden Watches by JORD

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