mothers day gift guide.


Mothers day is fun time of year isn't it? All us mama's get to be spoiled and pampered like the amazing women we are, right? Well, not so much in my household. Last year my husband said, 'why would I have to get you anything, you're not my mom!' AHHH!!!!! And it was my first Mother's day. It's one of those moments where you contemplate divorce vs. murder, no? 

It is not easy being a mother...and anyone who has pushed an 8lb baby out of their hooha can tell you that. It's painful, and awful, and somehow lovely at the same time because you get this beautiful little bundle of joy. And then they scream and cry and you want to pull your hair out or fall over and die because you're so exhausted, but you love them anyways, and you keep on going. Because that is what mama's do!! We hustle. I told my husband that my hooha has more balls than he does - because it's freakin true! Women have it tough, but somehow we manage to do it all. Cheers to that. We deserve to be appreciated with some lovely little things sometimes right? Because we spend all of our time taking care of others, and I think that one day a year, someone should take care of us. Right!!!!? Right.

Anyways, I know you want to buy things. These are just some things that I know I would appreciate as a hard working mama, and I'm thinking you amazing ladies out there might as well. And if your husband is like mine, maybe you just need to treat yourself for being such a great mama? Or better yet, spoil your mama if you are not one! 

So if you want to buy something pretty, check this stuff out. 

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