new 'do.


For most of my life I have left my hair pretty much my natural colour because it is a dark-ish shade of blonde. Usually when I colour it I don't do my full head, mostly because I'm really bad about going to the salon so it needs to be easy to maintain, but also because I've been afraid to entirely let go of my natural colour. So I decided to take the leap and do something dramatic. I made a poor choice along the way though and tried to use store bought dye. DO NOT DO THIS. My hair turned yellow, and it was horrendous. And so painful to look at. I figured that because my hair was reasonably light, that it would work no problem. Turns out I needed a professional anyways. And I will never ever make that mistake again! Thank goodness the girls at the salon I go to are super amazing and they fixed me up so that I don't look ridiculous. 

This colour is definitely taking some getting used to though. It still freaks me out a bit sometimes because it's so damn light. 

outfit details below

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