we don't give up.


So, full disclosure, I have not been at my best lately. I have been constantly sick, and so busy between feeding my little monster, cleaning up after all the food he throws on the floor and all the toys he leaves everywhere, and then trying to fit my growing business into all of the craziness, that I've been feeling like a bit of a psycho. And by a bit, I mean like a lot psycho. I haven't been doing this mom thing very long, but I get the feeling that it doesn't get easier, and that the constant exhaustion is not a temporary situation. So I try not to think about it because that's f&cking scary. So we are taking it a day at a time. But I got to thinking...I am obviously not the only one out there who struggles, and I don't want to pretend on my social media/blog/etc that I don't struggle. I DO. I am worried, and I am scared too. I'm like, am I a good mom? Do I spend too much time on my phone? OMG have I gained weight? Should I eat that? Omg I shouldn't have eaten that! Should I really wear that grocery shopping? Do people think I'm crazy? Will my business succeed?! Am I good enough? Why can't I be good at (insert quality) like that person??!!! Tell me I am not the only one who does this. 

But here's the thing. Tonight I decided that I'm done with that. Because how can I be a good mom, a good business owner, a good wife, and a good daughter if I'm worried about some stupid ass things that I can't change right at this moment. Don't give up. And don't get life get you down because you are good enough, and you can do it. You just have to believe it. Got that? Good. But can you remind me next time I freak the f&ck out? Awesome. Thanks. 


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