the real deal.

Lately I've been thinking about the internet and social media and what's real vs. what is not. Everything seems so beautiful and perfect in internetland. And obviously that is not the whole truth, but it's tempting to believe that all these beautiful amazing and talented people don't have struggles or insecurities. I'm sure they do. As do I. 

I was admittedly wary of trying culottes. I was immediately reminded of the gaucho disaster in my past, but I ran into this super awesome stylish mom at the park with my little man, and we got to talking fashion, and when I said I was scared to try them she told me they would look good and I should try them. So I did! And thank god for that because I love them! They are actually so flattering, but I was worried that because of the flare, they would make me look big. And I'm pretty sensitive about looking 'big' because I'm really tall, so I feel like I need to be really thin, otherwise I might look like an ogre. But what works about the culottes is that they are high waisted, and more fitted in the bum and thigh area than the gauchos of years past. So they are much more flattering. And my insecurities about looking 'big' would have stopped me from trying these babies had I not ran into that cool fashion mom. Insecurities can be crazy and ridiculous but we all have something that we are not happy with, that we can beat ourselves up about on the regular just to make sure that we don't get too confident. Right?

Why do we do that to ourselves?! And why do we compare ourselves to others!? It has to stop! But I seriously think that the key to dealing with insecurities is to talk about them. Vulnerability isn't such a bad thing. We are all human. I may not be as pretty as the other bloggers, or as skinny, or as rich, or as amazing at whatever talent/skill other may have, but I accept that that's me, and I'm cool with that. I do my best and that has to be good enough. 

So don't be shy to face your fears and try something new. You never know what you might find! You might find some really awesome culottes and wear them every single day.


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