Finally it feels like summer! I think it's actually still technically spring though, no?

Anyways, it's time for shorts and sandals. yay! I'm loving this off the shoulder trend - although maybe not the most practical when you have a toddler, it makes you feel super sexy without having to bare it all. A little shoulder and leg will do.

I decided to dress this top down a bit with some slides, a bandana and a skort, so that it's totally wearable for grocery shopping or whatever you have to do! But you could totally wear this top with jeans or black trouser for an even more casual look. Because I'm so busy with Hunter, I rarely go out to do anything but walking or errands, so all of my outfits need to be super practical. Especially for the summer! Because we go from grocery shopping to the park, to meal time, to nap time and it's craziness. I like to be able to just throw something on and go because there is never really time to think twice about your outfit when there is a toddler either screaming at you and pulling you to do whatever they want you to do, or they're getting into something and you're trying to wrangle them before everything in your room gets toppled over or broken. This is seriously my life. It's a wonder I even have time to get dressed and put on makeup with this little monster running around!

Outfit details below. 
top zara skort zara slides adidas 


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