summer knits.

So I'm really tired from baby wrangling and working like a madwoman on project after project after project. I've got so much going on lately I can barely keep up! It's actually my 3 year wedding anniversary today, but we didn't do anything special...I was too tired to make dinner (which NEVER happens, but the dogs were obsessed with a skunk in our backyard last night...and kept wanting to go out and sniff around...agh!), so we ordered a gluten free cheese free pizza to celebrate our anniversary...ha! Romantic, no? It was yummy though.

So I don't have too much to say about this other than I wore rain boots because it was raining, and knits and skorts are a mamas best friend. I love this skort because, A, it's minimal, B, I wore it way pre-baby and now it fits again and that makes me want to wear it. This knit I picked up on sale at Zara and I couldn't be happier. it's so soft and lightweight and feels expensive when it wasn't. It's that the best? I throw it on with everything from leggings to loose pants to skirts, you name it. And better yet, it can be worn all year round - hello money-saver! 



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