off the shoulder

I'm obsessed with this top. I recently did another blog post with an off the shoulder top...but this one I'm even more in love with. It's so comfortable, because there are separate arm holes, so you can lift your arms - no problemo. I am planning on wearing it with jeans, shorts, skirts - pretty much everything. And it just feels so fresh for the summer! And with these sunglasses...omg these sunglasses. I've been looking for a great pair of mirrored sunnies, and these ones from spitfire really fit the bill. They are super fun to wear, and they really pop even the most basic of outfits. 

I've also been looking for some versatile chokers, and this one from my fellow momtepreneur casa de delia is perfect. Here I've wrapped it around quite a few times (it's actually kind of twised here...I had put the ends to the back, but my husband didn't tell me they had fuck it...the shots have a twisted choker.) Anyways, I love that this is so versatile. Today I wore it with a tee and bike shorts, tied with the ends to the front and I loved that too. Super fun! I've been missing chokers since they went out of style in high school. 

On a side note - I went to put my choker on the other day and my husband said 'don't put that on, you're going to embarrass me'...ummm...excuse me...what!??? I told him where to put his embarrassment. Anyways, I think he's getting used to the choker, but maybe it took him back to 1998 or whenever they were in style, and it was a bit much for him. I don't care what he thinks though, I just embrace my weirdness! And I don't care if the people at the grocery store think I'm nuts. It's not me that's weird...they just don't have style. Right!!!?



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