how to stay young when you're old


So today I officially turned 30 years old. Awesome. It's that milestone where I'm like, yea, now I'm supposed to be a proper adult. But honestly, are any of us really ever adults? Maybe we're just kids in grown up bodies, trying to figure out what the f&ck we are doing. Anyone else ever feel like that? I'm a mom, I'm a business owner, and now I'm old too. But it's okay, because we are supposed to embrace aging and welcome the wisdom that it brings...right!? I'm not sure that I'm terribly wise yet, let's check back when I'm 70 on that one, but I'm doing my best to embrace aging and to not care about my wrinkles that just have seemed to creep up on me (although I did go out and buy a bunch of marine collagen yesterday in an effort to stop the aging maybe I'm not really embracing them at all). But anyways, as Picasso once said, 'Youth has no age'. And I believe he was right. It's when you decide that you are 'old' that you become 'old'. Well friends, I'm deciding to be young today! F&ck it - 30 is the new 20, got that? Just because you are 30, or 50 or 80, doesn't mean you are lacking in youth. It's a decision we make, so here are a few ways to stay young when you're actually old.


dress like you mean it

I think that one thing we can always do to feel young, and really just feel good about ourselves in general, is to dress well. I don't believe that fashion is actually about looking good - it's about feeling good! Clothes make you feel a certain way - so choose clothes that make you feel youthful. Now, I'm not saying that when you're 50 you should wear short shorts and tube tops because that's what you wore when you were young, I mean like, wear clothes that are stylish and reflect your personality, and that bring you joy in life. Tina Turner once said that 'happiness is the greatest beauty secret', and I believe it. Stress and misery will make you look old and tired. So be happy, dress happy, and enjoy your age, no matter how old and wrinkly you may be. 

eat well

Not only will eating foods that come directly from the earth help you to reduce the speed of aging, but it will give you more energy to enjoy your life, and energy is what often reminds us of our age. As we get older we are more tired, and we don't feel like playing in the backyard for hours (as my son loves to do). But listening to our bodies and eating foods that nourish our mind, body and spirit will help us keep our energy levels so that we can feel young, even when we are not. Personally, I recommend staying away from sugar, dairy and gluten & booze, because they are all inflammatory and can speed up the aging process. And not only does inflammation effect aging, but it makes you feel like poop, and can often reduce the happy hormones that live in your gut - so basically you'll not only end up looking old, but also feeling old. Uh, thanks, but no thanks. 

enjoy life

Do what you love & love what you do. Be free! Be wild! Be happy! Live in the moment. Stay positive. Enjoy the little things. Is that not what kids do? They live so freely and happily and they just enjoy the moment instead of worrying about yesterday or tomorrow or 10 years from now. So take a hint from the little people and take some time to enjoy the view. Maybe go for a walk, go to yoga, or do whatever it is that really feeds your soul and makes you happy. It doesn't matter how old you are - youth is an attitude. So foster an attitude of acceptance, and love and enjoyment (easier said than done, I'm aware), but it's worth a try, no!?


So as you get old and wrinkly, remember what Tina said - no cream or beauty potion will make you beautiful, it's happiness that really does the trick. So let's all accept our age (and maybe buy some marine collagen), and enjoy life!




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