my process

Wondering how all this comes to be? Well here it is!

I have worked as a graphic designer for years, but I am actually new to brush lettering - I just had this crazy yearning to paint, so one day I just picked up a paint brush and haven't stopped painting since!

It may seem easy from looking at the final products, but generally it takes more than a few tries to get the lettering to look the way I want it. Each word is so different, and each phrase requires a different style or layout. Usually I write the phrase or word out with pencil first and then paint it. Often it takes many tries to get it right, and sometimes it only takes a couple. I am constantly ending up with mountains of paper. Giant mountains of paper! And then my little man tries to pull them all off the table and make even more of a mess. It's pretty much pandemonium around here. And then once I paint something that I'm happy with, I then either scan it or photograph it so than it can be digitized and turn it into the final design.

Voila! There it is. Very exciting, I know.

I took a few photos of some of my craziness - so enjoy!




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