5 items I can't live without

I am definitely a creature of habit. I often go back to the same pieces over and over, because not only is it just easier to have tried and true faves, but it's also quicker when you're trying to get dressed while two little people are running around. I can't spend a long time deliberating over what to wear, so I often just throw on what looks good and is comfortable and easy. So these are a few of my must-haves that I really cannot live without. 


Leather leggings

Nothing dresses up leggings like leather. When you just need something easy to throw on for a quick trip to the grocery store (or wherever!), leather leggings have got your back. 

aritzia  /  hilo


Black hoodie

I cannot live without my hoodies in the winter. For early morning drop offs and running errands in the cold, its good to have something easy and chic that you can throw a coat over and not only look cozy but also put together. It's what I like to call lazy chic. 

zara  /  balenciaga



I think this is probably a must-have for most people, but for moms, sneakers need to be even more of an essential. I'm currently loving my chunky white sneakers and sock sneakers, but also I always go back to my nike roshe for the every day mom look. They are great for not only trips to the forest with the kids, but wherever else I may need to go. 

zara  /  Balenciaga  /  nike roshe  /  zara


Black Coats

But can you ever have too many black coats!? I don't think so. Long ones, short ones, oversized wrapped...I love them all. This one is one of my particular favourites because of the texture and the coziness. Plus, it's so oversized that it makes me feel warm and stylish at the same time. I actually wore it for most of my pregnancy with Otto and it hid the baby bump amazingly. People often didn't even realize that I was pregnant!  Gotta love that. 

faux leather coat net-a-porter  /  oversized coat zara  /  faux fur coat zara  /  black textured coat aritzia  /  black puffer aritzia


Big bags

We all need a big bag for all of our lady stuff sometimes right!? It's especially important when you've got kids and need to carry snacks and diapers and wipes everywhere. So here are a couple of my faves. 

mon purse  /  berdine  /  haus of mana


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