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I don't know about you guys - but we (and by WE I mean, not my husband - really just me) are seriously in holiday prep mode around here! It always come so fast, so this year I'm trying to get prepared early, so I'm not scrambling to get people cards and gifts at the last moment. Which has pretty much been the usual for me for many years. 

This is why I'm super pumped about the new Holiday cards in the shop! No holiday card shopping for me this year. So if you haven't gotten any cards yet - you should definitely consider some Melo & Co. cards. (don't mind the shameless self promotion - I have to make a buck too!) 

This year I'm thinking all my gifts are going to be wrapped in black, white and kraft. I'm thinking if I can find some black matte paper, and some nice black ribbon, that would be fabulous. I want all the gifts to look beautiful for once! Because my sister always shows me up with her perfectly wrapped gifts, while mine are haphazardly thrown together the night before. Anyone else have this problem?

More holiday inspo to come - so stay tuned! I'm prepping to do a seriously holiday post sometime soon. So check back, okay people?


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