It is amazing how fast time flies when you're a stressed out maniac. Already my little Hunter Rhys is one year old! 

I told myself that I wasn't going to go all out for his birthday, but I totally did anyways. I couldn't help myself. Even though he wont remember it, I will remember it. It's the anniversary of that day when I had the most horrific pain in my life, and then I popped out this little miracle - right on our bedroom floor. I hate to get mushy, but it really did change everything for me. I just love him to bits! 

Of course it was all black and white themed - what else would it be, really?! And because I am somewhat of a health fanatic - I made gluten free paleo vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing - which were delicious, but let's just say fancy baking is really not my forte. There was many an f-bomb dropped in the process of baking them, and I may have almost killed my dogs by inadvertently dropping chocolate all over the kitchen floor. Woops! next year I'm totally having someone bake them for me. I also made chocolate cake, and banana bread, and pizza! Because it's a children's party, I felt this was justified. And it was so yummy (even though it was gluten free. Mmm gluten free!)

Hunter also decided after his initial interest in the big silver balloons at his party, that they were terrifying, so I have since had to remove them from the dining area, as he keeps looking at them and getting upset, and refusing to eat in their presence. I don't know what is so scary about them! Anyone else ever have this problem? Hopefully he's forgotten that by next year, because I fully plan on getting giant balloons again. I enjoy balloons as long as they don't pop - that is one thing that really freaks me out. 

Hope you enjoy the pics of my adorable little person. 







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