it's not winter yet


It doesn't feel like winter in Canada right now. So I figured, why not wear a crop top! Right? It's not so cold that we're freezing out butts off everytime we step outside for 2 seconds, so I'd rather not wear my parka if I can help it. I'm totally loving these new leather pants that I got from aritzia. They're so comfy and they go with everything. They are pretty much on repeat every day now.

Also, do you know what is great about leather pants? You can clean the baby food off of them SO easily. I find I'm washing my clothes way more these days because I'm covered in banana and squash and whatever else my little person happens to be eating. See, not only fashion, but also function! I'll tell that to my husband if he asks me if they are new. Let's hope he doesn't notice. 


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