DIY gifting

So, if you're like me and you are on a budget, then you may want to be somewhat creative with your gifting, while still giving something that people will love! You can't give them some cheap crap, because people can tell you didn't put thought into it if it's crap, right? And it's the thought that counts.

This year I decided to do Hot Cocoa in a jar, and Maple Pumpkin Spice Pecans. And it turned out amazing! Not that I've given them out yet. But I'm hoping my friends and family will love them as much as I do. I made my husband taste test the recipe one night and he had like 4 mugs full of hot cocoa, and is now currently chocolated out for 2015. He loved it though, although he said he wanted marshmallows, and I said no...because they are not good for you! I'm just a controlling wife I guess. Ha! But I control with love. 

I got the Hot Cocoa in a jar recipe from elanas pantry, and the pumpkin spice pecan recipe here. But don't cook your pecans at 400°F...because you may end up burning a whole tray and yelling at your husband because he was supposed to be watching them while you were breastfeeding. Just a warning. I ended up baking the rest at 250°F for about an hour, which I pulled from another recipe. 

And then I bought adorable little quilted mason jars and tags for the hot cocoa, and holiday food baggies for the pecans.

Voila! A beautiful (and delicious) gift for your loved ones. 

I also decided that instead of bows, I was going to do foliage this year, which ended up being free because my florist is awesome and she let me just use wreath scraps from the floor to garnish my gifts. I think it came out quite nice, no? 

Happy gifting, and Happy Holidays!!


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