hello twenty sixteen.

As this year draws to a close, I'd like to say thank you to twenty fifteen for giving me a really tough year. No, really. Out of the many (MANY) struggles and challenges that life has thrown at me, I have learned, and I have grown, and I am happier for them all. Let's hope twenty sixteen is less challenging - but also rewarding!!?

Now, I'm not a fan of resolutions. I haven't made any for a few years at least. I am more in favour of goal setting - and I am constantly making new goals, and new lists of things that I intend to accomplish. My thought about resolutions is that they are made to be broken. "Oh, I'm going to go to the gym EVERY DAY this year! And lose 50lbs!!". Really? You are? If you want to try, please, be my guest. But it's not my thing. I'd rather make a goal instead of a crazy lifestyle change, as I like to think that I have a pretty healthy lifestyle, and I don't need to change much, apart from maybe working less and relaxing more. But that's not going to happen any time soon. Let's get real. 

Goals aren't just about this year - they could happen 5 years down the road, or two days from now, and it's something positive to work towards. Rather than beating yourself up for being a bad girl or boy last year, and attempting to redeem yourself by being extra amazing this year, let's try putting a positive thought out there into the great big universe, and working towards it diligently. While still remaining realistic (and enjoying life) in the process. And feel free to revise this goal list at any time during the year. This is not something that you just do on new years day, and then by February it's forgotten. Keep doing it. All year! Don't be one of those people who buys a gym membership on January 3rd, and then only uses it until like January 10th...when they become too exhausted from life and give up on the dream. Honestly, we should all try to stop making weight loss a resolution anyways - let's make the goal to just be healthy and happy in the new year. YES!? 

So get out your best notebook, and your best pen, and get to making your goal list. And just write down things that you want in your life - even if you don't know how you are going to get there - just set the intention, and you will do it (or not! if you revise and decide that goal is not for you anymore, that's okay too!). Twenty Sixteen is our year, people. So hop to it. 



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