all black everything.

Okay so, all black everything except for the shoes. It's good to have something that pops in your outfit, no?

I am obsessed with this skirt. I am about to wear it with everything, for weeks on end until I find something else to obsess about. I just love the length on it, it's hard to find one long enough for me because I'm so tall. And I just can't get enough black. Especially in fall! If ever black goes out of style, someone kill me (kidding!). I'd probably die of a heart attack anyways. 

Also, on a photography note, I am not a photographer, and though I have taken photography classes, I still find that it can be a bit of a struggle. So many things to take into consideration! And for these photos in particular it is hard, because I have to set the camera before I get in front of the camera, and then reset it if the light changes! Ah! Today when we shot it went from super sunny to cloud in like 60 seconds. And I forgot to change the settings and some photos were toast. And it's not only the settings, it's finding the right backdrop, the right light, etc. Not easy! Especially when you have a fussy toddler waiting in the car. Like, literally, we have 10-15 minutes to shoot, and then Hunter gets upset and it's time to go. So don't judge the photography skills people, we've got a construction worker behind the lens and a screaming toddler in the car and mommy is trying to pose! OMG. Sometimes I wonder why I am doing this. But then I remember how much I love fashion. And all is right in the world again.




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