all the pretty dresses

So...I've been on a bit of a dress thing lately. I just want all the pretty white dresses because it's just so warm and sunny. Like, I want so many...but really, I only wear them for a small portion of the year, so I figure investing in a couple pieces that I really love and will wear for years works for me. Since it's only dress weather for like 2 months of the year in Canada...agh. This dress I also have in black, and decided to get the white too because when a silhouette works for you, and you feel amazing in something, it's worth the investment, and then I know I'll wear it again and again. I don't bother to buy cheap variations of styles that I'm not 100% in love with anymore, because they sit around and don't get worn. These days I'm careful not to bring anything into my closet that I don't love, because frankly I don't have the space! I already have too much stuff and I want to keep new pieces to a minimum. You can buy this dress here if you're as in love as I am. 

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