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I love social media. It allows me to build and curate a feed and a brand that suits my taste and my business and my lifestyle. But at the same time, I wonder if what I'm portraying to the world is 'real'. Well...the answer is yes and no. Sometimes life isn't pretty, and not everything in my life is as beautiful and curated as I'd like it to be, whether because of time or financial constraints, or just pure exhaustion, not everything can be perfect. That is kind of why I love curating my instagram feed...I can create a virtual catalog of my life that LOOKS perfect (but even still I'm constantly criticizing my photos like a neurotic maniac).

Being a mom and a business owner and blogger definitely presents it's challenges, and while I enjoy it, it's not always easy to make things look easy. For example, we look happy in this photo, right? Well, Hunter was happy for like 5 minutes when I let him run around while trying to get a photo in front of the wall, but trying to put him back in the car (because obviously we don't stand in front of pretty white walls all day), he started to scream like a maniac and I had a VERY difficult time getting him into the car seat. But that's life! When you're trying to blog about your life, you are always going to choose the prettiest moments. I'm not going to post a photo of Hunter throwing a tantrum and breaking my coffee table, or the floors I'd love to rip out or the almond bathroom fixtures that annoy me every day, or a fight with my husband about how much money I spend on clothes, or the argument we had before we shot our style photos because I made him leave to shoot before he had time for breakfast (!!). I'm just going to show you the good stuff. And that's really what most people on social media are doing anyways. But today I thought that I'd give you a little dose of what's real, because, why not?! It's actually cathartic in the midst of all my social media anxiety. 

This is why social media can also be dangerous though, because you start thinking, hey, everyone else looks so pretty, and happy, and successful, and perfect! I should be perfect too! SO not true. But it doesn't stop us, does it?! It's just something to remember, next time you're scrolling through your feed and you see something beautiful, and you feel a little jealous, just remember that whoever posted that photo is human too. And they're not perfect, but be sure that they're working hard to make some pretty ass pics to make you think they are (and there's nothing wrong with that because I love pretty ass photos). So let's all be supportive of eachother and our beauty and imperfections, cool? 

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