coat season.


Coat season is my favourite! Not because it's cold, but because I LOVE coats and jackets. It's because I love to layer. A great coat makes every outfit pop. Even exercise pants, a tee and sneakers. Trust me. When I am tired and too lazy to put on real pants because I was up half the night stressing and then waking up with a crying toddler, and I just have to go to the grocery store, I throw on my black stretchy pants, my favourite sneakers and a wicked coat to finish it off. And then...BAM. You look like you have your sh!t together. It says to people, hey...I'm cool, but I didn't really try that hard, I'm just naturally awesome. hah! You win. 

SO, when I put on this outfit, my husband told me I looked like I should be in Harry Potter. And like...I love Harry Potter (like, LOVE), but I don't want to look like a wizard. So I was a little worried that I would look ridiculous. Anyways, he was wrong. If I look like any wizard it's a badass fashion wizard, no?! I was searching for a great black coat for quite awhile, but this one (of course from Zara), was my pick because of the length. Now, I am tall. Like tall enough that people comment often. So it's good to have a long coat that looks proportionate! (I also think super long coats on small girls looks amazing, because I'd just like to be a small girl, but that's just me) Anyways, this outfit is all about proportions. It's a bit oversized, but I'm not swimming, and the length of the coat is what really makes the outfit. So if you buy anything this fall, buy an amazing coat. 


coat zara  shirt zara pants aritzia shoes zara  (i seriously have too much Zara in my closet but their online shopping return policy is just too good)

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