comfy cozy.

I guess I've been in a grey mood, all my posts seem to be grey!

Lately I'm all about the comfort. I guess it's probably the cold weather, and the exhaustion from being up with Hunter and the dogs at all hours of the night, but I just want to bundle up in neutral layers. The more layers the better because I'm tired and cold (and maybe a little grumpy). But seriously now, you other moms out there, do you have problems with toddlers who wake up at 2am wanting food?? Like I'm wondering if I have the hungriest child ever. I feel like I spend my whole day feeding this kid and then he's STILL hungry during the night! Maybe it's just a growth spurt, but I'm not sure he can get much bigger for his age. Took him to the doctor and he's already off the charts for weight and height. UMM...I may have created a monster. 

I'm totally in love with this sweater from Bench though. It's super warm and cozy, and I'm loving the shape of it. Super modern and chic, and looks amazing with black leather leggings and boots too. And it's fleece inside so you feel like you're chic on the outside and cozy on the inside. Perfect. I've been wearing it out on walks and to go out shopping, with only minor outfit tweaks. Win, win! You can grab one here (It's also amazing in black - and on SALE!) I might actually get the black one too. (AH!) I just love how easy a sweater like this is to throw on as a coat with a giant scarf and some leggings, or some gorgeous trousers like I've styled it with here. 

CONTEST ALERT! head over to @melo_and_co on instagram to enter the contest to win a $100 Bench gift card! Do it now. 

Happy Monday!





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