For a long time I hardly wore jewellery. I kept it super simple, and didn't wear much at all, even earrings or necklaces. It was pretty much just always rings. I think this is because I have always struggled with my skin, hair and body image, and I often felt that jewellery just didn't suit me, because I felt so unpretty.

Flash forward a few years, and I'm now a single mom, living in a nice house, and running a business all on my own. I'm more comfortable in my body than ever before because I'm finally sorting out my health issues that have been plaguing me for so long. And now I want to wear all the pretty jewellery. I want to wear earrings and layer my necklaces and bracelets and feel sexy again, because for so many years I just have not felt that way. I think that treating yourself with beautiful, but simple, unique and still classic pieces, is a great way to show yourself some love. Make sure to invest in pieces that you really love to that you will wear them for years, and not feel the need to always be buying something new. I really believe in shopping more consciously, so that we buy better, and less. I love these pieces from Jenny Bird because they're bold, but still so simple and classic. And they pair amazingly with a white shirt or tee which are some of my faves. 

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