fashion vs. motherhood

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine recently (also a mom), and we were talking about whether certain pieces are appropriate when you're momming. I don't want to wear spandex pants everywhere just because they're comfy, but I also don't want to try so hard with my fashion choices that it's just not practical. Like, sure, a corset belt can look really cool, and fishnets under your pants are becoming a thing, but is it comfortable? No. Is it appropriate for the grocery store? Not really.

Sometimes when you become a mom, you lose yourself in your kid(s). It's easy to forget the woman you were pre-baby, and I'm pretty sure it's normal to have a bit of fashion anxiety because you want to dress like the old you, but there's no denying that the new you has different needs. You're sitting at home scrolling through instagram with a baby on your boob and dinner on the stove, and every one else looks cooler than you, and they're just having so much more fun, no?! It's more difficult go out to restaurants with a screaming baby, or just to do anything that you used to do in your free time. What is free time anyways? I don't remember what that's like. But you can still be a new version of the 'old you'. You can look like the 'cool' mom, even if you can't go out and party every night like you did once upon a time. 

The reality is, I spend most of my hours either at home, the grocery store, or at the mall.  Seriously. So how fancy do I need to look!? Because when there's a toddler throwing smoothie around, there's a limit to how far you want to take your style. And I totally wore corset belts back when I was like 18, but I was 18, and I didn't have to care for another little human being all the freaking time. This is also an argument for slow fashion though - because I hate to be wasteful, and I don't want to buy into trends that will be gone in 2 minutes because I would rather spend that money on food for my kid who never seems to stop eating. So I try to buy things that I feel will last me at least a few years, and sometimes that means spending a little extra money on quality pieces that will last those years, in styles that are classic, and just keep coming back (and can withstand the occasional bit of flying food). Just be sure to choose styles that you feel amazing in, because the last thing you want to be is the frumpy mom, and least of all feel like it, because that's doing nothing for your self esteem. My advice is to opt for sneakers intead of heels, and sweaters instead of blouses, and comfy trousers instead of yoga pants. 

When you're a mom especially, your purchase decisions should be made on a combination of important factors, firstly, practicality/comfort, and secondly, styles that will last and that you can mix and match with what you've already got in your closet. My point is, you can still be the badass stylish chic when you're a mom without breaking the bank or going crazy trying to keep up with trends.

So get out there and be amazing, mamas.


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