fast fashion vs. classics

The older I get, the less interested I am in trends. Maybe I'm just old, but I feel like 'trends' and fast fashion are often a waste of money. I have bought into so many trends and so many cheap clothes over the years, that are not only crappy quality, but aren't really that stylish at the end of the day, and then once I'm tired of them they just sit in my closet until I overhaul my wardrobe and give them away to charity. And I'm SO over it. There is something about the way quality clothing makes you feel. You can just feel the difference between well made clothing and cheap clothing. What I find is that what I gravitate towards in my closet are classics, in flattering silhouettes, great fabrics, and neutral colours. Do those really ever go out of style?! I don't think so.

This dress is actually one I purchased when I was pregnant with Hunter. I thought, it's beautiful, I love it, and sure...maybe it's a bit more expensive that what I'd like to pay, but fuck it I'm going to buy that dress!! And now 3 years later it is still a dress that I love and wear regularly in the summer because it's just so good. 

So I would definitely recommend that when you are buying, be cautious of whether you are making a choice based on price or style. Obviously both will factor into the equation regardless, but price shouldn't be the driving factor, because if you buy it only because it's cheap, it will sit there in your closet and is really just a waste of money and product anyways. Invest in classic pieces that you will wear for years, and you really wont regret it. I promise!



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