forget fall trends

This time of year is all about what's trending for fall, and once upon a time I was all about it. But as I've gotten older and made my fair share of style mistakes (hello chokers, I'm looking at you!), I've realized that style isn't actually about being trendy at all. It's actually about making strong, classic style choices, and investing in quality garments that will stand the test of time. Let's be honest, seasonal trends are there to sell clothes each season. They want your money! So they need to always be putting out something new. And for sure, styles and trends cycle as we grow bored and tired of certain things. But with sustainability in mind, and with the idea of less is more, I think it's time to pair back our wardrobes and try to be more mindful of purchases, which means often forgetting fast fashion trends in favour of longer lasting quality pieces. This way you're not buying something new each season, and filling your closet with with cheap pieces that you like but don't love. You should LOVE your clothes. They should make you feel amazing! Now I'm not saying Zara doesn't make some great classic pieces - they totally do. It's just about being more mindful of what we buy, and how long are we realistically going to want to wear it. Is the fit right? Is the quality there? All things to consider. 

So for me, chunky knits and sweatshirts are my thing for fall. I love them, and I live in them because right now I live a pretty casual lifestyle. So that's what I'm investing in, and I find creative ways to dress them up, like with this slip skirt, or with my favourite pair of leather pants or trousers. And always a great sneaker or mule is a great idea. Easy to throw on and goes with everything are my shoe quantifiers. So like, white or black sneakers and black mules are my everyday situations. 

My advice for this fall is to forget trends, and invest in pieces you really love. Like a coat you've been eyeing for seasons (like maybe this one), or a really great knit (like this one). Or maybe a quality pair of boots! I'm loving these from aede right now. Also everything from toteme is amazing but I'm coveting these leggings for fall because mom life demands leggings! Also, jeans. Always a good investment. I'm dying for a great pair of white straight leg jeans, or a great fitting black wash jean this season. Happy fall shopping babes!

Outfit details below.


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