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So, since September is often thought of as a kind of beginning of sorts as we roll into the school year, I thought it might be a good time to do a goal list, so that all you go getters can get your goals organized for the coming months. 

Goal setting is by no means just a 'new years' thing. I tend to reevaluate my goals on a bi-monthly basis. See what goals you've reached, and what you haven't, and make plans to get there! And add new (and amazing!) ones. 

This post also comes at a time when I have just reached what I thought to be the biggest goal on my list this past year. I wanted to get my product into Chapters Indigo....and I did it (AAH!!!). It actually shocked me a little bit. Because there were times this year when I was wondering if I was headed in the wrong direction. It's just in my nature to be incredibly self critical, so I always expect the best, and if I don't get there like...right away..I tend to get frustrated. But I think that with goal setting, the key is really to just focus on what you want, and just keep working towards it. And don't let negative self-talk get you down, because that is not helping you get towards your goal. Stay positive! Work hard! And one tip I that I think is valuable, is to actually visualize your goal happening. And be happy. Feel it. Like feel that happiness and pride you would feel if it were really happening to you. You can just do this while you're laying in bed or taking a walk...whatever! Just do it. It helps. Trust me. 

You can download your own goal list here (right click and select download linked file)

Happy goal setting lovelies!


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