fuzzy knits + leather

I have this thing for leather pants...so I'm sorry but not sorry you'll see a lot of them. Just can't get enough! Also, this knit. It so fluffy! I love it. And these sandals that are new in from ATP atelier are just the best. I was debating them for many months and then realized that if I wanted them for that long that I should probably just get them. One thing I've learned over the years is that if you feel very strongly about a piece of clothing, you should just spend that money to get it, because if you buy a cheaper inferior version, you will probably end up buying more than one because you are not 100% on them. So you'll just end up spending the same amount anyways, right? Just save up for the pieces that you love. It's also a less wasteful way to buy. Buy things that will last you and that you will love for years. That way you're not replacing pieces every year. Build a wardrobe that will grow with you!

Outfit details below. 


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