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As a follow up to last weeks blog post on how to stay stylish when you're a busy mama, I thought I'd do a post on how to keep yourself organized, in addition to stylish. Not that I'm perfectly organized - I am definitely NOT. But I do my best to keep my life together. So here are a few of my tips. 

1. Make a plan. 

Every morning after I have my green smoothie and a special toddler friendly green smoothie for the little guy, I plan my course of action for the day. Sometimes I do this on paper, and sometimes I do this on my phone. I plan based on nap time actually. Before nap time we usually fit in some grocery shopping and/or a trip to the park, then during nap time I get to work. It's important to have a plan, and figure out your timing so that you realisitically know what you can get done in that amount of time (and having an amazing watch, like this one from The 5th, to keep you on track doesn't hurt either). And if you don't get it all done - be sure to put it on  your list for the evening, or for the next day - that way you won't forget! There is always so much to do that making lists, sometimes multiple, between my phone, notebook and notepad, is a lifesaver. Because between baby wrangling, trying to run a business and make meals and keep everything together, I sometimes feel like my brain is going to explode. So make a list. We don't want anyone's head exploding. 


2. Don't stress. 

This is harder than it sounds, but I try not to stress over what is and isn't getting done, and just work through everything one task at a time. Check it off your list as you go and move on to the rest, and if you get sidetracked with emails or clients or new projects, oh well. It happens. You will get to the rest later! I find that stressing about work really just slows me down. And when you are stressed, it is harder to be a good mama and a good wife and a good business owner. So just take a deep breath and chill. You can do this! 


3. Declutter. 

I am actually not good at this, because when I am lettering, I throw paper everywhere, and then my office is like this insane mess of paper. It's everywhere! But that's why it's so important to declutter whenever possible - even if it's just once a week, tidy up, and it'll make you feel better, and hopefully make you more productive in the week ahead. It's true what they say, a cluttered space really does clutter your mind. And to declutter, having super cute organizational tools really helps. I've got one of these adorable paper storage bags in my office now to use as a garbage holder for all my papers, so that hopefully they don't end up all over the floor for weeks on end. 


4. Make things pretty. 

Okay so this is kind of a life philosophy for me, but I like things to be pretty, and minimal of course. I don't buy things that I don't enjoy seeing everyday. You need to love your notebook, and love your office, and love your desk. It makes a big difference to my overall work happiness. At least for me! I'm a visual person, so my space needs to reflect my aesthetic. Having super cute organizational supplies, like my notebook and notepad (and my new amazing watch!!!), is key to enjoying my desk space, which makes me happier when I get to work. And a happy worker is a productive worker, no?


4. Smoothies. 

Okay so maybe this isn't technically an organizational technique, but this is how I save time. I'm often super busy during the day, so making a full meal for myself, or even a salad can be a real challenge. I don't have time to chop and toss and then clean up everything after. So smoothies save me. Lately I've been all over the green smoothie - a banana, some spinach, cacao nibs, goji berries, hemp hearts and chlorella powder and you have a smoothie that will cleanse your body and feed your brain. So if you're in a time crunch, instead of grabbing something unhealthy that will most likely slow you down and make you more tired in the long run, try a smoothie to boost your productivity!


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