give yourself some love.

I've been talking a lot lately about self love. So why not buy yourself something a little something pretty for Valentines Day?! Because you love yourself, right? And you totally deserve it. And you know that lazy man of yours will probably just run out to the grocery store and buy you some flowers that aren't even your style, and the money will be wasted. No? Just me?? 

Hope you all have a lovely Valentines day! Check out some links to stuff that I love below! 

chanel perfume  /  basalt candle  /  minimal bracelet  /  bralette / lip balm / watch

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Love, love, LOVE this blog! So inspirational and so in line with my own personal minimalistic style and taste.
I am very intrested to try the Basalt products but I would like to feel and smell them in person. I am very intrested inte lip balm (org.) particularly but as I have very sensitive skin I need to almost try it first before I buy anything. Do they sell Basalt anywhere in the Toronto, Canada?

Keep up with the great blog!

Chloé March 11, 2017

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