grey obsession.

You are going to see me in a lot of grey in the coming months. And black of course. But I'm just craving all grey looks. I just need some grey pants now! These leather moto pants do the trick though. They bring the edge to a cozy knit, so it just makes you look cool AND cozy. Perfect. Also...these shoes. I love them because they are flat and pointed, and a pointed toe makes your leg look longer, and we could always use a longer leg without the pain of heels. They are also super minimal and classic and I hope they stay in style for awhile, because I plan on wearing them a lot, for a long time. This entire look is from you know where to find it!  I have to stop shopping there's seriously like a compulsive shopping habit when I'm stressed. Does anyone else do this?! I'm like, oh hey, I'm having a bad I'll just buy some stuff! So now my husband has put me on a spending freeze. No more new stuff for a little while. I'll see how long I can stop myself from clicking 'place order'. Hah! 


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