hello new year

Happy New Year guys! Hope you all have had an amazing holiday season, and enjoyed all the time with friends and family.

I've been busy just trying to wrangle the little people and the husband (which is actually a full time job), and power through my to-do list around the house, so I haven't gotten to much work lately. So I thought I'd post a few photos I took before the new year, because it's just one of my favourite looks. I cannot get enough of this faux fur coat and this jogger/knit combo. It's so perfect for the holidays because it's chic and comfy. Which is pretty much how I like to go about my everyday life anyways. I can't be bothered to be too fancy! Outfit details below. 


coat similar  /  pants similar  /  knit similar 


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The link to the pants doesn’t work! It links it to the H&M sweater which is already linked in the knit hyperlink 😊💕

Victoria Gualtieri January 02, 2019

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