holiday dressing.

Dresses are not normally my thing. I tend to be more of a leather pant or ripped jeans kind of girl. But on holidays it's fun to dress up a bit! Especially with New Years parties coming up! It's important to ring in the new year with a good outfit, no?! It just starts the year off right. 

I'm loving this look because it's a little fancy but still simple. I'm not into fussy dresses. I just can't be bothered! if I'm not comfortable, it's not happening. And I love that this one can be worn right into spring and summer with an oversized sweater over it. Love that. Also, I'm really loving simple silver Nicole Vienna watch with the dress, it's elegant without being too much. (It's also 30% off until the end of December so get it now!!!) 

Also, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! We've had a very very busy holiday. SO many celebrations, and so many guests! I'm ready for my vacation now. But luckily my husband was really thoughtful (for once!) and decided to surpise me with a trip to a beautiful spa because he knows how tired I am and how hard I work. It was really sweet and I had a good cry! haha. But if your man didn't spoil you then you should get yourself something nice anyways, because you deserve it, right!? Get shopping, ladies.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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