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I'm always a big fan of hoodies, because they are essential to mom life. Especially now that I'm up at the crack of dawn to do school drop off at kindergarten, I really need something I can just throw on when I'm running out the door, and not look too sloppy. Here I've styled the same hoodie two ways for a couple of casual looks that are both comfy and cozy, and cool. I honestly just couldn't decide which outfit to shoot so I decided to shoot both, but I just realized when I was editing these that the cuffs on the white joggers were somehow rolled down and I didn't notice until just now. That is how you know you're an overtired mama. Woops! 

Also, kind of dying over this bag that's new in from mon purse because it's just so soft and so perfect, and it has my initials blind embossed on it, and I'm a total sucker for customization. You can regularly see me sporting a small crossbody bag like this and big bag for all the kid stuff. Gotta have great bags!

On another note, I recently started using a tripod and self timer to shoot my own photos while my husband is at work, because I was really getting tired of the weekend hustle, and trying to shoot looks with two impatient kiddos and an equally impatient husband. It can be hard to try to fit it all into the weekend too when I have so much I'd like to shoot! Shooting by myself with Otto in the car does make me look a lot crazy, but whatever. I need to get shit done, you know? Also, my head is not in these photos because I was up half the night with a sick baby who didn't sleep more than an hour at a time...so I pretty much looked like a mess. Just one of those fun mom days!

Outfit details below.


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