how to layer black.

In the winter I always gravitate to black. So I've developed a wardrobe with tons of black, and a little bit of neutrals. So with a wardrobe like that, it's important to know how to layer your all black outfits so that they're not boring, but also comfy and cozy! So for me, the most important thing is a scarf - I need a giant scarf around my neck when it's cold! A great coat and a bag that holds all the toddler snacks is important too. For many years I walked around cold in the winter because I refused to wear traditional 'winter wear'. I would suffer in my leather moto all freaking winter. But no more! Long masculine coats are in, and thank goodness for that. Throw on some black jeans with a black tee or sweater, some awesome shoes, a coat and a scarf, and you're set. Sometimes I feel like people think being stylish is more complicated than it really is...but it's really just about finding things that you feel comfortable in, and use interesting textures and shapes in your outfit to give it dimension and interest. 

Also, how cool are these jeans? They were actually given to me by a friend of mine because they didn't fit her right, but they are perfect for me! So I cut the ends to give them a little extra texture, and now I'm obsessed. It's a different kind of shape, and I'm totally into it. Sometimes it's good to have a break from skinny jeans, and I feel like the wide leg trend is really only picking up steam right now. Love it! 

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