how to wear all white

It's not too often that I see other women wearing all white. I do live in an area that isn't the most fashion forward...but sometimes I get the feeling that people are hesistant about all white looks, no? I mean, yes, they do attract some attention, but I don't mind! I think the key to wearing an all white look is to really get the right combination of fabrics and silhouettes. What I love about this skirt is that I feel like it's a classic silhouette, in a really classic poplin fabric, and I could totally see myself wearing this on some amazing european vacation 10 years from now. I love it with a white tee because it feels casual still, but luxe at the same time. And bold black accessories really pop, and bring the whole look together by adding a bit of blockiness to an otherwise super feminine look. It's perfect for a brunch date or summer events (but not weddings - don't be that girl! haha). 

So don't be afraid of white - it's such a classy and fun look! And perfect for summer, so get your white on before the cold comes and we are all wearing parkas. 


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