how to wear culottes

Cullottes are a polarizing fashion item. People either love them or they hate them. I think actually that most women are just afraid to try them. I certainly was. I was worried that they would make me look 'fat', or that they wouldn't go with flats (because I rarely wear heels since I'm so tall). But #1, they are actually super flattering because they make your waist look small, and #2, definitely they go with flats. So if you haven't tried them yet, I recommend that you do. Even if you try and the fit isn't right, keep trying! And you don't have to wear them with a crop top. I often wear mine with a long sleeveless sweater when I'm feeling a little bloaty. Here are a few tips to pulling it off below!

1. Keep it simple. 

I like to keep my outfit simple if I'm wearing cullottes because if you add too many accessories it tends to look like you tried to hard, or it's just too fussy. I tried this on with a scarf around my neck and it was just too much. So I left it plain. 

2. Wear tops that are slim fitting. 

Okay, so there are some fashion people who are wearing an oversized shirt with cullottes, and I might rock it once in awhile, but I think that in general, that is not the most flattering. So I would usually go for a slim tee (maybe tied into a crop with a knot!?!), or a split sides sweater, or a crop top of some kind. Split side sweaters are actually awesome with cullottes. They really accentuate the flare. Try something like this.

3. Keep it neutral. 

Again...some people can do it in colour. But generally, when you are trying a more modern, or oversized silhouette, basic colours are better. (although...I pretty much always wear basic what would I know about colour) I like to pair white with white, or black on black too, or neutral on neutral if you've got the right pieces. Or if you want to highlight the pant, you can do something like what I've done here, with black top and white bottoms. 

Good luck!!

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