in the black

As per usual, I'm in all black. It's really where I'm most comfortable. And I just love the all black with pops of white because it adds a little something fun to the outfit. Can't get over this bag though from Daphny Raes because it is just SO GOOD. Like, it's keeping me more organized than any bag in a very long time, and it's so cute. It just goes with everything. 

Just a bit about the Daphny Raes bags because I can't help pushing them a little since I love them so much. All the bags are handmade and made with only vegetable tanned leather, which is leather made in the traditional, sustainable way. Rawhides are tanned in pits with natural tannins from tree barks, roots, and flower pods and are left for around 40 days. Only 10% of leather is actually made using this natural process, as it is more time-consuming to produce and relies on experienced craftsmen. They fully stand behind our vegetable tanned leather since it does not contain any harmful substances and is made in full respect of man and the environment. The result is the most durable leather that ages beautifully.  They also offer the best quality for the best price by bypassing high retail margins and selling online only, direct to customers. So not only is it a beautiful bag, for a great price, but it's also more environmentally friendly. WIN! Check them out here 


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