I wont lie to you, I really live in joggers and leggings. This is what happens when you're a work from home mom. Why get dressed up just to get puked on, right?! So hoodies, joggers, and leggings are pretty much a go-to around here, and I like to dress them up with amazing shoes, bags and coats. Also, don't be fooled, you have to be brave to wear an all white look when you are going out with a 3 year old and a newborn, because spilled drinks and baby spit are regular occurances around here. But sometimes I like to break out of my black uniform and wear an all white look. That's why I've included both a white and black look here, so you can see both the practical and impractical looks. Also, just a note on these joggers...they are the BEST ever. I love the fit of them so much. They are slim in the leg with a slight drop crotch, and are seriously the most flattering and comfy joggers I've had. So check them out at LEGOE, because they are amazing even if you're not pregnant or postpartum. 


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I love both of these looks. If you don’t mind me asking in what size did you get the joggers?

Liliana March 06, 2018

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