Lately I haven't been posting so much on the blog because I've not been feeling very well (being pregnant will do that to you!) It's been kind of brutal actually. I've been so nauseous and exhausted that I can barely function - and the last thing I've been wanting to do is have my photo taken! There will be some new content coming soon though! I'm going to shoot some new summer looks this weekend so check back next week for new content. I have been shooting some photos for social media, but haven't been feeling like any of them are really blog worthy - although maybe they are, but because I've been feeling so blah...nothing has really felt good enough!  So here are some photos from the past couple of weeks with some of my current favourite things.

Enjoy! Product details below. 


wallet daphny raes  /  bracelets minimalist jewelery & amber sceats  /  watches daniel wellington  /  repair tonic nowhere anywhere  /  black bag xnihilo  /  white bag zara  /  trench & white tee oak + fort  /  slides zara  /  denim shorts aritzia  /  heels shoes of prey  /  black jeans topshop  /  white shirt ivory & chain


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