layering 101.

The best thing about winter is the layering. Seriously. I'm not really a fan of snow or ice or the the best part is really the layering. Because in the summer I complain that I can't layer on my clothes to make a cute outfit - it's just too hot for leather! Why couldn't it just be spring all year round. I don't think I'd mind that at all. 

I'm living in this outfit lately because not only is it warm and comfortable, but also looks cool. I'm all for layering my leather jackets on top of cozy knits. It adds the right amount of 'cool' to something that could easily look frumpy. And don't mind my crappy hair in these photos, I really need to have it dyed, but the platinum has been making me lose so much hair that I'm thinking maybe it's not a long-term look. I might go and get some darker colours put in to blend my natural colour so that as my hair grows in I get a bit of an ombre. Still thinking on it though! So for now I've got some major roots and I'm trying to crop them out of all my photos. :)

Happy Wednesday!


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