leather outerwear

You know I love leather pants already, but this season leather outerwear, and leather clothing in general is a big trend. So you can bet I'm pretty happy about it! This coat from Oak + Fort is my new favourite because it's super versatile and has a sleek look to it, while being really practical. I'm also planning on wearing it with joggers and leggings and sneakers for early morning school drop offs.

Also I wanted to touch on the subject of wearing what makes you comfortable, because sometimes, especially doing what I do, there is pressure to wear what other people are wearing on social media. This is why I always have to check in with myself when I'm choosing looks to make sure I'm choosing them because they're what I feel good in, and not because it's something I think I SHOULD wear, or something I think someone else might wear. That's why for this look, even though the white and camel colours of this coat are beautiful too, I know I'm always most comfortable in black, and I'd wear it the most - so that's what I went with! I recently did an interview with Venti Influencers touching on this subject, so check out the full article here


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