lessons in self love.

What is life, if not one giant lesson. This is a lesson that I am continually learning. Sometimes I think I've got it and then everything comes crashing down around me. I'm sure that I'm not alone in this struggle. And it is a real struggle, no!? 

Let's face it, society is set up to make us feel unworthy, specifically so that we will make more purchases to add to our 'worthiness'. It's a load of crap, and we know it, but that doesn't stop us from falling into the trap. We all have our insecurities and our belief systems about ourselves that are controlling our mind and I'm pretty sure for most of us, our beliefs are holding us back from the self love that we really need. 

I'm a big believer in the idea that what you focus on in your life is what you get more of. And honestly my focus has not been good lately. I have been feeling off, and just generally anxious, which means my focus has been on shit, and I've just been getting shit. So let's change the vibration and get some good vibes going, sound good? Here are a few of my tips for staying in a good vibe (not that I'm always able to make that happen, but we are all human!)

Write out a gratitude list.

This is always a good idea - whether you're feeling up or down, it reminds you of why you're doing what you're doing, and makes you grateful for what you have for once, instead of constantly focusing on what you don't have. Maybe even make a list of what you DO like about yourself, and post it on your fridge so that whenever you're feeling down, it gives you a reason to feel awesome instead. 


I have never been good at this. But once upon a time, before my husband and Hunter, I was yoga obsessed and went every single day for months on end, and I meditated every day. And I felt amazing!! Just lay down and focus on your breathing, or clear your mind somehow, and just think about nothing. So much harder than it sounds, but even just trying will make a difference. I try to do this before I fall asleep at night now that things are so crazy with the little one, and when I'm diligent about doing it, it definitely helps!

Do something for you at least once a week

I rarely make time for myself, and this is a mistake. There is always something to do for someone else, my husband, my son, my clients, my business. But what about me!? Lately I've started reading in the evenings before bed to get back to doing something that I enjoy, instead of only things that I have a responsibility to do. But really, you have a responsibility to yourself to make time for you, so maybe think about it that way. Then go do something that you enjoy!

Eat Healthy

Okay, so this is on every list I make, but it's an important one. The healthier that you eat, the clearer your mind will be. Your gut is where most of the serotonin (happy hormones) in your body are produced. So if you eat like shit, you will feel like shit. And as a bonus, your skin might be clearer and you might drop that weight that's been bugging you. So leave out the processed sugar, wheat, dairy and booze and focus on vegetables, fruit, whole grains and proteins and fats that will fuel your brain and your happiness.

So get out there and love yourself, you sexy babes. 




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