Some days I really wish I could just spend all day in bed doing nothing, but that NEVER happens. Ever. Like I don't remember the last day I took off from work. Being a small business owner and mom, it's pretty much nonstop. Get up, take care of the kids, school drop off, work, take care of kids, put them to bed, and then work until I'm too tired to think. Yup. There's a lot of cooking and cleaning and dealing with tantrums and arguments and it's really not super fancy or restful at all. 

So this year I'm trying to really just make sure I'm taking at least some time to rest and recharge and focus on self care. I've been using my 5 minute journal everyday (which really does help with the whole gratitude and affirmation thing!), and doing some reading and meditation wherever I can fit it in. It doesn't hurt to have pretty loungewear for though, right!? This set is so soft and it really makes bedtime feel a bit more luxe. I'm dying to get it in black too!

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